Shooting schedule

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Time Day or Night Shot descriptions / summary Location Characters required Props
09:00am Day News interview outside college gates, Later in the interview a ‘zombie runs to the gates and tries to escape which scares of the news crew. Outside college gates / Bus stop Sally – News presenter Microphone
10:00am Day Elevator shot of several zombies in the elevator; They’re trying to escape. Elevator WillKyleTom
11:00am Day We need to use a Empty Room where Alice and Jack meet up. Also got to film a air conditioning unit Any Empty classroom AliceJack
12:00Mid day Day Corridor shots we will go around using the corridors for several different scenes. Most of these scenes involve running around. Corridors around college JackAliceTom



12:30 Day Glass area, Will is flirting with Alice,
( Close up on him going to attack her )
 Glass corridor WillAlice
2:30 till 4 Jack and Alice walk down the library stairs (Close up on feet) Also overlapping to a stairs shot where Alice is running up them Library stairs AliceJack

Location Report

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What scenes will you be shooting in this area?


1: Outside college by the gates. News report/zombie attack.
2: Curved hallway next to the library. Will flirting with Alice, first indicator of people going insane.
3: Elevator. Zombie appears when elevator doors open.
4: Stairs. Shots of people running up the stairs.
5: Hallways. Zombies and survivors running away etc.

Health & Safety and Risk Assessment Report

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What could go wrong How will you prevent this? What alternatives have you  got in place should you not be able to get around the problem (contingency)?
Working in a hallway, it will get very busy with students and having to use a iPod the legs will stand out which can cause students or member of staff to trip over. We will prevent this by making sure the tripods legs are not in the middle of the hallway, this means there is less of a chance of someone tripping over because there will be plenty of room to walk around.  If we are not able to do it in this location we will do it in a more open area or even place the tripod into a corner. But this might make it a bit harder to film.
For one of our scene we will be recreating a security camera, this means to get the height we need to be able to do this, we will need to be standing on a chairs, this means we will also need to place a tripod as still as possible onto a chair, this means that there is a danger that the camera and DOP ( Direct of photography ) might fall of the chair. To prevent this will make sure that the chairs are all steady before we start to film and also have anther students standing next to them so the DOP ( Direct of Photography ) will have someone to lean on and balance.  If we are not able to do this we will go into the library and use the camera on the stairs because you can see the second floor and also got a good height, the only thing that would concern me would be a reflection in the glass.
One of our scenes involved the main female character running up stairs. this could lead to a lot of problems like Alice falling up the stairs or even the tripod getting in the way of stairs  We will keep the tripod legs well away from the stairwell meaning we will need t be more towards a wall.  If we are not able to d this we would need to change location and try to find a more suitable place to film in maybe like an emptier stair well in music block

movie trailer proposal

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In this post I will discussing the different idea’s, Me and my group came up with in detail and also fill in a Proposal form at the same time.

Film name

The Broken Quill

Full plot

A young girl writes about her dramatic life down in a book. Her brother as gone to war (World war 2), Father is an alcoholic because of his son as left and his decision to join the army and beats his wife. The father comes home to find his daughter on her own writing in her book, he turns all his verbal abuse onto her and starts to destroy several of her things including a Manu-script of her unfinished book. The young girl carries on to write about the experiences she his having in her family home (voiceovers are included over these scenes). Her first few paragraphs I her book talks about the moments just before her brother leaves for the army, she writes about the emotions she felt and about how her family reacted when it came to her brother leaving at the time, As time passed by she grew to accept her brothers decision and lives for the day he returns home. The book explains several different situations about the same way but of moments through her childhood and to her adult years, she then ends to publishing the book.




Sally – Isabella Hayes-Young girl who is writing the book.

Alice – Amelia Hayes– Wife / mother – Gets beaten by the father / husband.

Jon– Albert Hayes– Abusive father / husband

Tom – James Hayes– Brother who has gone to war.


Old-fashioned house


12A – Contains mild violence

Edited trailer plot

Amelia is hanging her washing outside onto the washing line while the sun is out, young Isabella is sitting by the tree in her garden writing more memories and feelings into her book. ( a voice over from Isabella is playing throughout these scenes) she finished writing in the book for this period of time and walks back into the house and encounters her drunken father inside, it then closes to a black fade to where her father as thrown her book across the room in a blind rage. There is another black fade to a shot where Isabella is hiding behind the tree in the previous shot, she is trying to put her damaged book back together. After this scene, there are voice over talking about the beginning of the book. This fades to shots of the brother walking threw the door and on his way to war. This quickly changes over to shots of her writing into her book with her broken quill pen, and quick flashes of different scenes from her life appear, The trailer ends with the end titles.

Dvd Cover


The image on my DVD cover is a close up of the broken quill writing into the book with an ink bottle just to the right side of the cover, the title will be in quill sort of white writing. The background colour is completely black and the objects in the image will be well lightened.


Colours mainly used – Black, Browns & white

Font colour – white

Front type –Apple chancery or download a quill type font off the net.

Here is my groups second idea ( We actually chose this one to complete )

Film name


Full plot

A young student called Jake goes to college like any other day and walks into his classroom and has a maths class, He jokes around with some of his friends. In another part of the college science students are preparing an experiment, the experiment goes completely wrong and the solution produces toxic fumes which then turns into a dangerous infection which then rises in to the air conditioning system and spreads throughout the college building. Every student in the college gets infected by this virus which leads to the students loosing their minds and turning into psychotic zombies. Throughout the whole college Jake is the only person who was immune to the virus, the movie tells the story of how he tries to escape and ends up spending the night in a class. Jake tried using several different escape routes like the college entrances which are both blocked up by the infected students leaving Jake no ever escape route. Jake decides his best bet is to get as high up in the building as he can, after a lot more chasing he manages to get to the second from last floor, unfortunately he can’t get past his last obstacle which leads to be the top floor being locked and private. Where does this leave Jake, is this the end for him or just the beginning.
While this is all happening on this inside the outside is not much better as the infected escape in to public which leads to the infection spreading in to a much wider scale.. 


News reporter – Sally

Main Male – Jack

Main Female – Alice

Zombies – Will &Tom


College – Corridors





Certification ( with justification )

18 – Blood & Gore

Edit Trailer plot

Begins with a news report then fades to main male first discovering about the infection, goes up to this friends, they turn on him. Zombies coming out of the elevator which will then lead to a scene where the zombie are walking down the corridor which then lead to another scene with jack looking around and then he turns around and see’s one of the zombies coming for him from behind, He runs into a classroom which is where he meets Alice, They run down the outside of the college trying to find a way out .

DVD Cover


2 main characters with zombies coming towards them in the background

Designs ( Colour, Font, Etc )

Dark colours, Reds & Blacks

Blood sort of writing


Assignment brief questions

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What did I do this for this assignment?
For this assignment I was placed into a group and we had to choose a movie poster and recreate it into a more modern-day poster while considering lighting, poses and location. I also had to research and make an analysis of a movie poster.

What went well and why?
I found much comfort in using Photoshop due to being very familiar with using this software, I was able to get on with my poster without any difficulty and was able to generate a modern poster that still look very similar to the Original poster.

What went badly and why?
Deciding on the poster in groups was rather difficult we all had different idea’s of what we would have like to have done, but we all worked together and chose one. Also there was lack of communication in the beginning where no one was informed of costume changes.

What do I think my strengths where in this piece of work?
I think my strengths in this project was my ability to work with a group, being able to listen to group idea’s also helping out when members of my group are having software problems and need help doing an effect.

What would I do to improve if I were to do this work again?
If I could do this Project again I would research in to more movie posters of different types and ages, Also if I could have done this Project again I would have made sure there was no communication problems in my group by talking to my group when decisions are made making sure they know what is happening.

Final Poster

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Poster Analysis

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Bride Wars

In this Photo the lighting as been used from the front so the two character models are clear and easy to see, there skin looks perfect because of the lighting which is how a Bride should look. In this poster they have used cake covers as props and they used wedding gowns as their clothing to symbolise a wedding, This gives you a clue of what the Film is about if you hadn’t guessed from the title already.