Using screenshots, describe the development of your image noting what tools you used in Photoshop and why.

To start editing our photos to make our final photo we had to open them all up in Photoshop.



In this screen-shot i had duplicated the layer of this photo ( this as to be done with all the pose photos ) then selected the Quick select tool and started to drop the quick select tool over jacks body so i could Copy and paste him from that background onto the background we wanted to use.


once i copied and pasted the image of jack i moved him so he was clinging onto a card but before this i used the short cut Shift + left click to resize the image so the proportions where correct.


Here is another Screen-shot where i was Proportioning the image of myself with the short cut shift+Left click. To make sure i had gotten them around the same size i had layed them against each other to make sure one wasn’t bigger than the other.

This image was taken by another group, I had asked permission to use it in my photo, The group said yes and i then used the following steps before of using the quick select tool, Copy & Paste, This time the quick select tool had alo elected some of the wall. i used the eraser tool on the bricks and zoomed into to get the finer detail.

After Arranging all of he poses into the correct place. we had finished, here is the screen-shot of the final piece in Photoshop,just before i had saved it as a PNG File.


~ by twilight2k9 on October 19, 2010.

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